Whats the Buzz?

We are bringing honey bees to Continental Towers with Alvéole, a Canadian-based urban beekeeping company. Mark your calendars for June 1, when our hives will be installed. You can check our My Hive page for regular updates on our honey bees progress.

Did you know that bees are critical to our livelihood and are responsible for pollinating more than a quarter of our food source? The recent rapid decline in the bee population has raised concern for these pollinators. Urban beehives represent a passionate effort to protect bees and the ecosystem, while also bringing an element of sustainability to the building.

Tenants can benefit from educational workshops, honey harvesting and complimentary beeswax products and honey. We are looking forward to making our outdoors even greener and connecting with our tenants with this trendy new amenity!

About Alvéole
At Alvéole, we help businesses, schools, and various organizations meet their engagement and sustainability goals by bringing bees to their building. We provide both a turnkey educational service and an exceptional, meaningful experience. Our goal is to make people fall in love with bees, build ecological awareness, and in time, more sustainable cities and food systems. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve put more than 100,000 people directly in touch with bees, creating a strong sense of connection to nature in cities. Learn more at