Glenstar Connect App Now Live

The Ultimate Tenant Experience for Tenants at the Continental Towers 

We are excited to announce the launch of our new tenant experience app, Glenstar Connect. In today’s climate, it is more important than ever to elevate the office experience, build community at work and to provide opportunities for connections throughout the day. We believe this not only creates a place where tenants want to be, but it also helps companies attract and retain top talent. 

Continental Towers recently completed a $20 million revitalization project, adding a mix of modern amenities including a health club, tenant lounge, game room, new lobbies, and over 1 acre of landscaped outdoor space. By leveraging TeX software at Continental Towers, it enables Glenstar to discover new value by creating a customer-driven experience. Tenants now have access to everything the property has to offer, right at their fingertips, while activating our best-in-class amenities by offering a variety of activities, perks and conveniences every day.

The platform includes:

  • EVENTS A list of upcoming events, registration and calendar alerts
  • NEWS The latest happenings and timely communications 
  • ACCESS After-hours entry to amenity spaces
  • RESERVATIONS A simple way book conference rooms and amenity spaces showing real-time availability
  • PERKS Daily specials, promotions and other conveniences  
  • MARKETPLACE Sell, buy or offer services — all in the community marketplace.

Glenstar Connect is available in the App Store or on Google Play.