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If you have a request that requires an immediate response please call (847) 640-1800.

Lobby Directories

A touch screen directory is located in each main lobby and identifies each tenant along with their respective suite numbers. Please advise the Office of the Building of any changes required to your listing.

Building signage is standardized throughout Continental Towers. The Office of the Building will order all signage for the hallway identification of a tenant's suite. Management must approve any additional signage requests and no signs are allowed to be displayed on glass entrances, interior or exterior windows.

Janitorial services are provided on a nightly basis, beginning at 6:00 PM, in accordance with your lease, excluding legal holidays. The nightly service includes vacuuming, waste disposal, dusting and general cleaning. Please affix an orange refuse sticker to any item, which needs to be disposed of, that does not fit into a garbage receptacle. Extra stickers are available from the Office of the Building.

Services beyond the realm of regular work specifications, such as carpet shampooing, furniture polishing, washing of dishes, etc. can be provided at an additional charge to the tenant. Please contact the Office of the Building to arrange for these services.


Continental Towers has four passenger elevators serving each tower 24 hours a day. (Please note that the use of carts, dollies and delivery carts is not permitted in the passenger elevators.) In addition, each tower has a freight elevator, which services the lower level through the 12th floor for deliveries from our loading dock areas. Please see the following section "Freight Elevators" for more information. In the event that the elevator unexpectedly stops or malfunctions with passengers in it, remember to remain calm. All elevators in the building are equipped with telephones or intercoms. Should an elevator malfunction, depress the emergency call button with the telephone handset symbol. The phone will automatically ring at the Security Desk located on the Lower Level of Tower Two indicating to the Officer a problem in the elevator and where the elevator is located. You can speak to the Security Officer through a speaker/microphone in the panel.

Freight Elevators:

Continental Towers has one freight elevator serving each tower. All deliveries from the dock areas must utilize the freight elevators. In addition, please utilize the freight elevators for all deliveries between floors when using a mail cart, dolly or demonstration cart. Scheduling of the freight elevator is required for tenant office moves. (Please refer to the Moving/Delivery Requirements for further information.) Please remember that the freight elevators are reserved for freight and should not be used as a passenger elevator.

Tower Freight Cars:
  • Depth: 8’2”
  • Width: 5’5”
  • Height: 7’10”
  • Door: 4’ wide by 7’ tall
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs
Commercium Freight Car:
  • Depth: 7’8”
  • Width: 5’2”
  • Height: 7’4”
  • Door: 4’ wide by 7’ tall
  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Loading Dock:
  • Height: 42”
  • Dock Doors: 5’ wide by 7’3” tall

For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable PDF document forms that will expedite various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Office of the Building as well. To view and print PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If not already installed on your computer, it can be obtained for free at

Continental Towers is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) automation system. HVAC is provided to tenant spaces 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Saturday. For after hours HVAC, tenants must notify the Office of the Building, in advance.

The following rates are applicable for Overtime HVAC:

November 1 - February 28: $22.50 per hour, per 1/2 floor
March 1 - October 31: $35.00 per hour, per 1/2 floor

Please note that Overtime HVAC service is billable in 30-minute increments with a 30-minute minimum charge.

Arrangements may be made through the Office of the Building for the replacement of all light bulbs. There is a charge to the tenant for this service. Tenants also have the option of setting up an automatic work order schedule. In this scenario, lights are changed during non-business hours while the Tenant is not in the space, allowing a higher production rate than is possible while people are working and alleviating any safety concerns.

Mail Pickup/Delivery:

Mailboxes and mail slots are located in the Lower Level of each Tower. The Office of the Building will provide you with a mailbox and a key upon move-in. The Arlington Heights Post Office delivers mail to each of the Towers during the morning hours. Outgoing mail is picked up at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and at 10:00 AM on Saturday.

In addition to your street address and to ensure proper delivery please include the following information as part of your mailing address:

Company Name Example: ABC Corporation
Address, Tower-Suite: 1701 Golf Road 1-100
City State Zip: Rolling Meadows IL 60008

Any mail being delivered that requires a signature will be brought to your suite by the postal service.

Please notify the post office regarding any forwarding address information.

Overnight Delivery Services:

For your convenience, overnight drop boxes are located in each building on the lower level as follows:

Federal Express - Lower Level of Towers I, II & III - Pick up at approximately 6:30 PM UPS - Lower Level of Towers I, II & III - Pick up at approximately 6:00 PM

Deliveries from Federal Express and UPS are made directly to each tenant's suite. Please do not leave unattended packages for pick-up outside of your suite during normal business hours. At the end of your business day packages can be placed outside your door for after hours pick-up by the carrier.

All requests for services or work orders should be directed to the Office of the Building at 847-640-1800. For services not provided by the Lease there is an additional charge and, an authorized tenant representative will be required to make the request via a work order prior to performance of the work. The charges for extra work will be billed to you once a month as a line item on your rent statement, once the work order is complete.

Preventative Maintenance Programs:

Continental Towers has an extensive engineering and maintenance staff, which offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance Programs such as lighting maintenance and supplemental air conditioning maintenance. These programs can lengthen the life of your equipment and save you time and money. For more information on these programs, contact the Tenant Services Coordinator at 847-640-1800.

There are a variety of additional services available to the tenants:

  • Moving furniture, boxes, files, etc.
  • Hanging pictures, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Transporting equipment/boxes from docks to suites
  • Replacing ceiling tiles
  • Additional keys, directory strips, suite markers
  • Re-Keying of filing cabinets, desks, etc.
  • Special trash removal
  • Pest control
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Metal refinishing
  • Carpenters
  • Plumber

Continental Towers has an agreement with the City of Rolling Meadows to patrol the parking lots. Any car illegally parked (fire lanes, loading docks, garage ramps, entryways, unauthorized parking areas, etc.) will be ticketed by the police and/or towed by Northwest Recovery at the owner's expense. This is necessary for safety conditions all year round in case of an emergency. The phone number to Northwest Recovery is 847-705-0825 and they are located at 3833 Industrial Drive in Rolling Meadows.

  • Respect those spaces marked for Visitors as these are reserved for the convenience of your customers. Note: if parking exceeds the specified time limit on these spaces, the police will issue citations
  • Utilize only one parking space when parking your vehicle
  • Park in areas marked with yellow parking spaces only
  • Do not park diagonally
  • Do not park parallel to curbs
  • Do not park in the dock or receiving areas
  • Do not park in fire lanes
During the snow season, the following is also in effect:
  • No overnight parking during the winter months. If you have car trouble and are unable to move your car, please call the Office of the Building with the location and a description of the car, license # and emergency telephone number.
  • Parking in designated areas only. This is important for both snow removal and emergency vehicle use.

Should you encounter vehicle difficulties such as a flat tire, dead battery, lost keys or keys locked in your car, our Security Office can assist you by finding you a road recovery service. All parking structures have a maximum height limit of seven (7) feet. While a taller vehicle may make it through the entrances, they will encounter fixtures and utilities which will be damaged if they continue. Make sure any business contracted for service is made aware of the height restriction.

Please make all of your employees aware of these policies. For a complete list of parking rules and regulations, please see the downloads section below.

Continental Towers participates in a commercial mixed paper recycling program. Upon move in, the management office will supply desk side recycling containers for recyclable materials and a larger recycling container for your kitchen or copy room. Our nighttime janitorial staff collects the recyclable products three times a week and deposits them in designated receptacles. Please contact our Management Office for any additional containers you may require at an additional charge to Tenant.

All engineers, contractors and vendors at Continental Towers are members of their affiliated Union.

Safety & Security Is Our #1 Priority At Continental Towers

Continental Towers provides 24/7 security services on the property. Our contracted guard service not only patrols the campus, but staffs the onsite Security Control Room located in the Lower Level of Tower Two. The control room personnel monitor over 55 camera displays as well as the access control system, fire alarms, and elevator emergency calls.

Director of Security, Josh Noyes, oversees the guard service activity and other factions of the life safety program. For a review of your policies, to schedule a safety tour, or to learn more about "Emergency Preparedness", contact him at or call (847) 640-1800.

Continental Towers Management Team has created an all-encompassing "Fire & Life Safety Program" which was developed and refined over many years. An annual review of the program ensures any changes to the property, structures, or advancements in safety and security measures are continually incorporated into it.

Continental Towers maintains an “emergency alert” messaging system for tenants. This is yet another layer of our Fire & Life Safety Program to notify tenants as quickly as possible in critical incidents. We have the ability to launch text messages from a desktop or mobile platform 24/7. This system does not replace any communication tools we currently utilize but rather enhance our capabilities to keep people informed. With short predefined text messages, we can direct alerts to a specific tower or company with several different options on who to notify. Updates can follow with other texts or more detailed information through email messages. Tenants complete their own data entry over the internet, update contact information, or can opt out of the system whenever they choose. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this program, contact your company Floor Warden for instructions on how to register. If you have question or would like additional information about the program, please contact the GlenStar Management Office at (847) 640-1800.

A "Fire and Life Safety Manual" was also created for tenant reference. It outlines all fire and life safety equipment as well as procedures for Fire Evacuation, Work Place Violence, Severe Weather, Bomb Threat, Medical Emergencies and Terrorist Threat situations. The most current version is posted below and updated as needed.

Fire and Life Safety Manual Download
Here are some important tips to remember:
  1. When an emergency presents itself, always dial 911 first to report it. Then call the Management Office 847-640-1800 or the Security Control Room 847-640-1814 and let us know. Our staff can provide assistance to emergency responders or take other necessary action to mitigate the problem.
  2. All fire alarm activations should be considered genuine. Remember, the alarms do not activate throughout the whole building. They only activate on the floor with the detected problem, two floors above, and one floor below. Respond calmly by exiting through the stairwells and go to your evacuation point in the parking lot. We will have you back in the building as soon as possible. Do not attempt to use elevators during any activation and always go down the stairs, never up.
  3. Should you see any suspicious activity or conditions that have the potential to create a hazardous situation, please report it to the Management Office immediately. We will respond to the location and take corrective action as soon as possible.
  4. Review your "persons in need of assistance" list at least quarterly and notify us immediately if a person would need assistance during an evacuation. Having their information in our evacuation plan is extremely importance.
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